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Steam Library Problem

At the end of 2019 a new Steam library was released. But some developers ignored the new library format. And some even make random covers that are not those that have always been used since the beginning of the game. Perhaps it happens because of different peope are in control now.


Our Solution

Being real perfectionists we thought we could help all the same perfectionists. We created an application that will fix the covers and other files in the Steam library to the original

How it works

The application scans Steam for account IDs from the ..\Steam\userdata\ folder, then reads the game IDs in the Steam profile itself, then compares it with our database and prompts the user to update his library and then he uploads these files (portrait covers, header covers, backgrounds and logos) and copies them to ..\Steam\userdata\000000000\config\grid\


How it looks

You do not need to look for anything and wonder about quality. You'll get the right images in a one-button solution.

Install and Update

The application is automatically installed in the user's folder (like Discord). If there's an update, the application will notify you about it. After downloading the files, it is recommended to restart Steam (Some covers may render partially)


Our App has been reviewed by Microsoft Security Intelligence and VirusTotal. Also We do not store any information on submitted requests. More details about the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be found below


Currently should be run on Windows 7 or later. Has been tested on Windows 10


We monitor many games to select the correct cover and other files.

Restored Art

We try to use only Vanilla covers that were originally made by the publisher or developer, for example for the CD box. If we can't find ready-to-go covers in good quality, we try to restore them ourselves.

Games Coverage

We try to support the games as quickly as possible and upload as many new files as possible.


It is virus free, but you can always scan it with any anti-virus application.

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